Commit 4d9fa92f authored by Sebastian Friedl's avatar Sebastian Friedl
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Import Adobe fonts as Git submodule

parent 0ae2594d
[submodule "adobe/source-serif"]
path = adobe/source-serif
url =
shallow = true
[submodule "adobe/source-sans"]
path = adobe/source-sans
url =
shallow = true
[submodule "adobe/source-code"]
path = adobe/source-code
url =
shallow = true
Subproject commit 29fdb884c6e9dc2a312f4a5e2bb3b2dad2350777
Subproject commit c1a1caa4c0b8c13287ee6fac1f80385de03f23ef
Subproject commit 75115e887837d58c1892b24952c8e373616302d5
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