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# GYPT Fonts
This repository contains scripts for generating the GYPT fonts from Adobe’s [Source Serif](, [Source Sans]( and [Source Code]( variable font families.
## Development
Development takes place on three layers:
- Feature branches, which are branched off from `staging`, for developing new features.
- `staging` as staging area for the next release.
- `release` contains the currently released version.
The persistent branches are protected. You will need _Maintainer_ permissions to push to the `staging` branch and merge into the `release` branch. Pushing to the `release` branch is forbidden.
Pushing to the repository triggers a CI pipeline that executes all build scripts for the most recent commit of the pushed branch. If the pipeline passes, the build artifacts can be downloaded and inspected.
Merging commits into the `release` branch creates a GitLab release.
Further information regarding development is available in the [project’s wiki](
## Obtaining Font Files
Font files are available on the [Releases page](
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